Our specific work

PRIN is staffed with a team of highly qualified professionals who have advanced knowledge and competence in conducting rigorous qualitative and quantitative researches to solve pressing organizational and societal problems. We conduct practical/operational research that is directed towards solving the immediate and future problems of our client organizations.
The major areas of research include:

  • Baseline Surveys, Satisfaction Survey, Mid-term Evaluation, Impact Evaluation
  • Capacity Gap Assessment and Capacity Mapping Surveys
  • Health and Demographic Surveys
  • Social Welfare studies
  • Action Research
  • Education Assessments: Educational Efficiency, Equity, and Quality & Relevance Studies
  • Program Evaluation
  •  Project Feasibility Studies
  •  Socio-economic studies (Development-related Studies)
  •  Organizational Set-up and Capacity Assessment
  •  Human Resources Management Survey