A Journey to an International Business Arena

Have you ever head of a story about Chinese bamboo?

Here is the story, a story that has a lot connected to the success we have now.

Once you plant Chinese bamboo, you need to water it, nurture it, and fertilize it every day. But nothing happens the first year. You do the same thing the next year, and still nothing happens. But then what happens on the fifth year is just awesome. One morning you wake up and see a small bamboo sprig, then the next day an even bigger one and in 5 weeks it has grown up to 90 ft. (27 meters)! It all starts with a solid root system. To stand strong, the bamboo grows and develops its root system for 4 long years, so it can support the whole structure and weight above ground when the day comes. This support system enables it to survive in the harshest conditions for many, many years.

    Just like the Chinese bamboo, PRIN was working hard to make the foundation steady so it can compete and outshine with others when the time has come.  From the very establishment of the firm, PRIN aims to be the leading consulting company across sub-Saharan Africa. In order to achieve that much has been done internally to build the team with high professionalism and excellence. Things in the consulting firm were not that simple walk on a bed of roses; rather it takes all the passion, enthusiasm, and day and night effort by making every encounter as an opportunity to learn and grow more and more. Using all these potential, PRIN was able to penetrate the consulting market and created very smart and smooth connections with potential clients within the country of its origin. In the last two years, PRIN has shown its excellent performance in this business and managed to be one of the leading consulting firms in Ethiopia.

Once the foundation is assured, PRIN started a great journey to an International business arena and has been fully incorporated as an international company in Kenya per the law of the land as of March 22, 2018 and Dr Mwamba Tshibangu is assigned as the country director  and Mrs Dorcas Mwamba is Operations Manager in Kenya.

Address: Marcus Garvey, 71 Red Apartment, Kilimani, Nairobi.

Contact person:  Dorcas Mwamba

Phone number: +254-720541780

Not only this but also preparations are underway to incorporate PRIN in Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda. These all efforts will help PRIN to accelerate the speed, achieve its goal and be a leading consulting firm across the continent.

Some dreams may take months or even years to accomplish. If you start working on your goals and dreams today, but don’t see immediate results, will you continue tomorrow? But PRIN does!