Managerial Capability of PRIN International

In its attempt to deliver quality service, PRIN International involves highly qualified and respected personalities for effective leadership of assignments. A brief bio-sketch of some of our key personnel is as follows:

Tilaye Kassahun (PhD)G/Manager

  • Dr. Tilaye Kassahun is a high caliber senior professional with Business Management, Human Resources Development, Educational Administration, and Pedagogical Science background and with rich experience in leading, consulting, advising, teaching, training, and conduct research in diverse areas.
  • He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI (Greece) and Certified Management Consultant from EMI (Ethiopia). He had a proven track record in consulting local and international organizations, such as UNESCO (with International Consultant status), USAID/IFESH, USAID/IQPEP, Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE), Ministry of Education, Secretariat of the House of Federation, Civil Service Agency (now Civil Service Commission), Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Share Company, Addis Ababa University, MESROY Ethiopia, World Vision, Concern World Wide, DH Geda, Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association, Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association, MOENCO, OPQEEt, and many others.

Ermias KibreabProgram Manager

  • Ermias Kibreab (PhDC): Mr. Ermias Kibreab has earned his MA in Measurement and Evaluation from Addis Ababa University. He has served in various organizations providing MEL and analysis services. He has worked with the Ethiopian Civil Service University (Lecturer and Research Expert), International Leadership Institute (Lecturer & Research and Publication Officer), and he is currently serving as Program Manager at PRIN International Consultancy and Research Services PLC.
  • He also worked as part-time consultant and trainer at different institutions including the British Council and the Ethiopian Management Institute. Ermias’ main area of expertise includes research and data management, and he is an IBM-certified specialist in SPSS statistics. He was involved in various projects as a data manager and data analyst. He has also rich experience in field data collection and management in projects sponsored by different organizations in Ethiopia. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Addis Ababa University in Special Needs Education/Inclusive Education.

Our Experts

Our team of leading experts

Mr. Dereje GetahunCapacity building adviser

Mr Dereje had earned his MA in Regional and Local Development Studies from AAU, BA in Management and Public Administration from AAU, and many certificates from various institutions. He has rich experience in reform consultancy, capacity building, organizational structuring, and business development. He has been serving as capacity-building adviser at PRIN International.

Mr. Thomas BroadhurstInternational Project Adviser

  • Mr Thomas had earned his MA in Development Studies, BA in Human Geography, and many certificates. He is a British citizen and has rich experience in research and consultancy services offered in different countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has been working as International Project Adviser for PRIN in the last two years.

Mr. Wendewesson DamtieProgram Manager

  • Wendwesen had earned his MA in Sociology and BA in Human Geography and Demography from Addis Ababa University in June 2012 G.C. and July 1997 G.C respectively.
  • He was working as Senior Program Coordinator in poverty Action Network in Ethiopia which is a consortium of 89 members of Local Resident and Foreign Charities for 3 years.
  • He was also working in KMG Ethiopia which is a resident charity in an NGO as USAID project Manager.
  • He was also served as Branch Manager, BCC DIVISION Head and Department Head in EOC/DICAC Health and HIV/AIDS Department at the Head office in Addis Ababa for more than  10 years.
  • He has rich experience in research, teaching, training, and consultancy services. He served as Program Manager for international and local organizations.
  • He took different pieces of training including Monitoring Evaluation, and Reporting and Learning (MERL), and Data Quality Management and Standard Operating Procedure, project management, Gender MainStreaming, Monitoring and Evaluation, and many others.  He served for the World Council of Churches (WCC) East Africa Region as a board member for 3 years.
  • He is serving as a Program Manager at PRIN International Consultancy and Research Service.

Mr. Surafel AyeleBusiness Development Expert

  • Mr. Surafel had earned his MA in Social Psychology and BA in English Language Teaching and certified in Positive Psychology — (Martin Seligman’s Visionary Science) a specialization online course at Pennsylvania University. He had received a good number of certificates by attending different pieces of training, including Monitoring and Evaluation, Impact Assessment, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Active Learning methodologies, Guidance and Counseling, ICT, knowledge management, and others. He served as trainer and program coordinator for local and international organizations. He is currently serving as Business Development Expert at PRIN.

Mrs. Selome MengistuFinance and Administration Head

  • Mrs Selome had earned her BA degree in B.Com from University of Delhi and Diploma in Accounting from Unity University. She had served as Finance head for NGO and Private Sector, Currently; she is serving as Finance and Admin head at PRIN.

Mr. Peter MelaInternational Project Manager

  • Mr Peter is an Irish citizen and had earned MA in Development Studies, BA in Social Studies, and certificates in many areas. He has a wealth of expertise in education, health, and conflict management. He is working as International Project Manager for the Accelerated Learning Project at PRIN International.

Ms. Mihret FikreBusiness Development Expert

    • Mihret had earned her BA degree in Business Management from Alpha University College.
    • She is a candidate of an MSc in International Business at Addis Ababa University.
    • She was a fellow of the 2018 World Youth Forum Fellow and Alumni of YALI RLC East African Leadership program 2020.
    • She is an active Young African Leaders Initiative Network member and earned all short-term leadership training.
    • She had more than 8 years’ marketing and partnership work experience.
    • She is certificated in Strategic Plan management and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Development & Implementation.

    Currently, she is serving as Business Development and Marketing Expert at PRIN

Mr. Abiyot KassahunLogistic Head and Business Expert

    • Abiyot had earned his  BED Degree in Geography from Kotebe Metropolitan University.
    • He is certified by Computer Science and Driver Guidance Communication English language skill.

    Currently, he is serving as Logistic Head and Business Expert at PRIN. General Manager at PRIN Sister company Mountain Car Rental Trading P.L.C

Ms. Bezawit AbebeCashier

  • Bezawit had earned her BA Degree in Accounting from Adama University.
  • Currently she is serving as Cashier at PRIN.

Mr. Desalegn NegaEconomic and Development Specialist

  • Desalegn graduated from Addis Ababa University in Regional and Local Development Studies (MA) in 2013.  Earlier He had BA in Economics from Addis Ababa University.  He had more than seven years of practical work experience both in government and non-governmental organizations, from Project Officer, Program Coordinator to Area Manager participating in different committees and work divisions. Recently, He had been working in World Vision as Area Program (AP) Manager coordinating and leading multiple projects (over 6); Livelihood/Resilient Agriculture & climate change, Education, Integrated WaSH, Health & HIV/AIDS, Integrated Nutrition, Sponsorship in Programming (SIP) and two other Grant projects being the major ones. Moreover, he was responsible for people management supervising about 14 AP staffs. He has the necessary knowledge and experience of the whole aspects of project cycle management and overall development projects with practical managerial and leadership skills. He is currently serving as Economic and Development Specialist at PRIN.

Mr. Mamo MekonnenEducation & Livelihood Advisor

  • Mr. Mamo had earned a Master of Education Degree (MED) from Addis Ababa University, a BA degree in Business Management from Jimma University, Advanced Diploma in professional Management from Jimma University, he has more than 25 years of work experience in the planning and implementation of Education and Livelihood related programs.

  • He knows the Ethiopian Education & community development policies, implementation procedures, and principles very well. He has advanced knowledge and experience in qualitative and quantitative data collection and also took part in various international and national research projects. He had served as a coordinator of various local and international NGO projects at different levels. Possess Excellent Computer skills (MS- Word, MS – Excel, Email communication, internet usage, and statistical packages, etc). With regard to Education & livelihood development Projects, he had served as coordinator/manager of Action Aid and USAID funded regional projects and took part in various educational and research activities help to strengthen community empowerment. He has good leadership and coordination skills, feel responsible for any work-related actions. He is efficient in the proper utilization of organizational resources and having a serious sense of duty. Currently, he is serving as Education and Livelihood Advisor at PRIN.

Mr. Yonas MekonnenGender and Local Economic Development Specialist

  • Yonas had graduated with MA Degree at Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar University, Addis Ababa commercial college in the field of social studies particularly Psychology, Pedagogical science, and accounting respectively. He had worked more than 28 years in government offices and different project areas at the regional level and he had worked in various public organizations and government-led projects in the capacity program Coordinator. Moreover, he had a variety of experiences that you emphasize as one of the Gender-based violence assessment tasks in different project areas. For instance, corporate competencies: He found himself to show his commitment to UNDP’s mission, and vision, and values and to displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability, Health and Water Sanitation project with Finida Project and Local Economic Development program in UNDP, Orphan and Vulnerable children program and advocating HIV/AIDS Prevention

Mr. Yebeltal MekonenMessenger

  • Mr. Yebeltal is serving as Messanger at Prin International Consultancy.

Mr. Melesew MogesDriver

  • Mr. Melesew is serving as a Driver at Prin International Consultancy.

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