PRIN has done lots of surveys past five years. In order to make those surveys effective in terms of data quality and management, so many better ways have been tried. We always would like to learn from every move we do and change learning points in to practice. Different researches have shown that using tablets in order to collect data is much more preferable to collect quality data, better management and ease access of it


Comparing the encounters that we have faced on data collection on both paper and tablet based ways; we are positively moved with the overall experience of data collection process using tablets.  We have found that using tablets to collect data will have the following advantages.


Data can be checked on regular intervals By programming logical checks in advance, any logical errors in data can be avoided Since data will be directly input by the interviewer in the program, it removes possibility of errors during data punching Closed ended data can be made within a short period of time The data collection can be supplemented with audio recordings, photos and videos Get geo-location of the interviews and easy to get data for Geo-Spatial analysis Once the quota is set, it is a better way for quota controls Modification of surveys can be made with no difficulty Saves huge amount of resource Man power can also be reduced

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