PRIN International Consultancy and Research Services is an Ethiopian International Private Limited Company which has been growing very rapidly since its establishment in 2006. The Firm houses many experienced and talented national and international specialists in the areas of Education, Nutrition and Health, Agriculture, Economics, Statistics, Development Studies, Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and Monitoring and Evaluation, Its Head Quarter is based in Addis Ababa and has branch Offices in Bahir Dar, Gondar, Hawassa, Adama, and Dire Dawa in (Ethiopia) and Nairobi (Kenya). The Firm provides high-quality research and consultancy services in multiple of areas which among others include education, health, business development management, agricultural and rural development, environmental development. Moreover, it also provides short-term trainings ( (Project Performance evaluation, leadership development, Soft Skills training, Presentation skills, Modern Office management skills, Entrepreneurship/Self employment), Long term training (Organizational Performance), project performance evaluation and socio-economic studies to public institutions, private enterprises, international organizations, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) by using up-to-date knowledge and state-of-art technologies. PRIN manages to develop a highly dynamic, vibrant, and learning organization which envisions becoming one of the leading consultancy and research firms in Africa.


PRIN provides high quality social, educational, health, management, and development consultancies, short-term trainings, and socio-economic studies to civil service institutions, public enterprises, private firms, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) by using up-to-date knowledge and state-of-art technology. In delivering our services, we value the interests of our clients and we put our maximum effort to allow our customers to have maximum satisfaction from our high quality services.


PRIN envisions becoming an excellent education, health, management and development consultancy, training, and research firm in Africa.

Core Values

Our service is built on fundamental principles, such as absolute honesty, trust, transparency and accountability, loyalty and respect towards customers, teamwork, high sense of professionalism, quality and painless service delivery.

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What sets us apart?

We are client-focused and aim for excellence, relevance and impact in all that we do.  Drawing on the very best Ethiopian and international expertise, we proactively seek to understand and address each client’s specific needs and strategic objectives, and align our consultancy services with national and international policies and agendas. This ensures that our consultancy services have maximum relevance, enabling our clients to enhance the impact of their work.  Building on this, PRIN is currently expanding its operations to share our expertise and build alliances elsewhere in Africa (e.g. Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda).

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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

PRIN is structured as a two-tier organization that has three core business processes and two support business processes. The three core processes deal with activities directly related to the mission of the company, including consultancy, training & capacity building, and research and publication. The corresponding business processes are:  (1) Consultancy business process, (2) Training and capacity building business process, (3) Research and publication business process, and (4) the Regional and International Affairs business process. On the other hand, the two support business processes were designed to provide relevant support for the core businesses and create synergy for the company’s effort of achieving its goals and/or accomplish its mission successfully. These business processes include: (1) Corporate Planning and Business Development process, and (2) Finance and Administration process. Each business process is led by a manager who is accountable to the General Manager of the company. The structure is found to be very suitable for PRIN to carry out its duties and realize its mission.

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